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Recent research into the oil paintings in The Garman Ryan Collection has uncovered a hidden gem. 'The Page Boy', illustrated here, was previously thought to be a work by the School of Veronese from the 16th century. The National Inventory Research Project has revealed that it is most probably a work by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo from 1740-50. The painting will be on loan to The National Gallery, London and then to The National Gallery of Scotland this autumn, in an exhibition which will highlight the most significant findings of the project.

The Garman Ryan Collection
Kathleen Garman, lover and later wife of artist Jacob Epstein, and her life-long friend Sally Ryan, a talented sculptor, created this intimate, adventurous and eclectic art collection. The galleries chart the long, productive and often controversial career of Sir Jacob Epstein and his extraordinary circle of family and friends including Augustus John, Modigliani, Gaudier-Brzeska and Lucian Freud. 
Works by well-known European artists include Monet, Rembrandt, Constable, Van Gogh and Picasso. A new website of the life and image:  Pierre-August Renoir Olive trees at Cagnes-sur-Mer-ca, 1903-1919, The Garman Ryan Collection. The work of Jacob Epstein can be found at the  Epstein website

Information for artists on how  to  send applications and  proposals  to  the  gallery, please  click on this link Artists Proposals  Information Sheet
Current Exhibitions
Fresh Out of the Box *
Fresh Out of the Box
This is the first chance to see new art works acquired by The New Art Gallery. Displayed within Garman Ryan Collection, the contemporary works give a new twist to the thematic display. Their presence enables us to make sometimes surprising connections between past and current artistic interests. ..... more !
Jacob Epstein *
Jacob Epstein
Illustrations to the Old Testament

This fascinating exhibition of delicate yet striking watercolours and drawings engages with Epstein's unusual visionary interpretation of the Old Testament. The artist and sculptor became completely absorbed in the 'whole new world passing before him' and finally in 1932. ..... more !
Don't Judge a book by its Cover *
Don't Judge a book by its Cover
Male and female. Old and young. Dead or still alive. What sort of lives did they lead? What did they go on to do? Were they famous or infamous? Creative or unfulfilled? Lonely or gregarious? Happy or sad? ..... more !
Andy Warhol: Early Drawings *
Andy Warhol: Early Drawings
Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is the most influential artist of the post-war period and this exhibition of early illustrative works will reveal an alternative side of Warhol's character and career. ..... more !
Pot Luck: Food and Art *
Pot Luck: Food and Art
Curated by Cynthia Morrison-Bell and Anthony Key

A major exhibition bringing together internationally acclaimed contemporary artists who explore the coninuing relationship between art and food. With each artist bringing a 'dish' to the table, the exhibition combines personal tastes with the current flavour of social and political climate.

 ..... more !
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